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Monmouth County

Botox and Fillers

Posted: 527 days ago

Dr Krogan is a skilled injector. She has a gentle hand and down to earth demeanor. Prices are good and she takes a no pressure approach. Less is more to start. She knows my face, my expectations and gives realistic advise on what my results will be like. I have Botox and fillers. No one knows. I look refreshed, not pumped up. She achieves natural looking results that last a while. The trick, she taught me, is to stay ahead of needing more then one syringe for touch ups. This helps to maintain an “aging gracefully” look. I’m 62 yrs old and have been seeing Dr Kroger for about 4 years. Before her I bounced around to different injectors, never being 100% satisfied. I recommend trying Allure MD & Dr Kroger.

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